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Can You Replace Your Roof Without HOA Approval?

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Our HOA Roofing Contractors Explain

If you live in a HOA, you know that there are often some rules pertaining to repairs and renovations in place. So, what about roofing projects? That is, often roofing work is time sensitive and critical, and homeowners must act quickly.

What control does your HOA have over roofing and reroofing projects, and should you reach out to a Bay Area roofing contractor yet? Can you make HOA roof replacements without prior approval? If you live in a HOA, here is what you need to know:

HOA Roof Rules

Most Homeowner Associations have pretty-stringent rules when it comes to the appearance of the homes in or on the property. That is, most want repairs and renovations done in a cohesive way that is first approved by the HOA board.

Some common requirements for many HOA roofing projects include the style and color of the roof, the type of material- with plans and estimates submitted for review first. If you are planning to alter or replace the roof on a home in a HOA, consult with the HOA board before talking to your Bay Area reroofing contractor. This is the best order for moving forward.

Some Homeowner Tips

Sure, it can be challenging at times to work and communicate with a HOA. Consider implementing these tips when you can:

Find and review your HOA paperwork and agreement.
Got questions? Call and ask the HOA before making presenting your roofing plans.
Fill out documentation and forms thoroughly.
Plan that it will take time. Your roofing review will likely be at the next HOA meeting, which could be months away.
Be available and communicative with both the contractor and the HOA board. Be as transparent as you can.

Make things easy on yourself by hiring a contractor that has already worked with your HOA or homeowners in your community. They will know the process and procedures, simplifying the project significantly.

The Right Contractor

It all boils down to hiring the right contractor for the job. First, consult with your HOA; next, find a contractor with experience mediating and navigating the rules of Homeowner Associations, or HOAs. This is not the time to hire the cheapest contractor- but it is key to work with someone that has expertise and a reputation to ensure the job is done up to your HOA’s standards.

Contact the Best San Francisco Roofing Company

Get in touch with a Bay Area roofing company with experience working with Homeowner Associations, Ben’s Roofing. You can contact us here anytime. If you are not a roofing contractor, it can be difficult to consult with your HOA about potential roofing projects; bring in a qualified contractor to help you along and get your roof up to par.

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