Josh & Wendy


Nimmo Roofing and Construction was founded by Joshua Nimmo of Springfield, MO, in January of 2015.

After learning that the company which he worked intended to sell, he saw an opportunity to retain his client base and begin a family business. This has now provided an opportunity to serve the Springfield Missouri area using his experience, knowledge, and his love of working with people in his community.


Lance Law

Brother and Roofing Project Manager

Lance started in 2020 as the lead roofing manager.  He handles all the care and attention to our roofing projects.   Lance has been a stucco engineer and professional painter for the last 25 years.  He is passionate about construction and has a true eye for detail.


David Fyfe

Construction Project Manager

David started with Nimmo Roofing and Construction in 2017.  David has been a contractor for 30 years.  His experience and knowledge of construction is beyond extensive.  He is a true expert in the field of construction.  David is a master builder and key asset to our team.


Nimmo Roofing and Construction

2035 W. Olive St.
Springfield, MO 65802

Phone: (417) 844-3046