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Does Your HOA Need to Approve Your Roof Maintenance?

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Any company that performs Bay Area reroofing and roof replacements will eventually work on a home that falls under the governance of a homeowners’ association. If you belong to an HOA and are considering a roof replacement, it will likely behoove you to check up on how your HOA approaches such projects. Sometimes, preapproval may be necessary to avoid troubles down the line.

When Are Roof Replacements Needed?

Roof replacements are a good course of action when a roof’s condition has disintegrated past a point where repairs are practically or financially feasible. Roofs usually last quite a while: Between two to three decades is a typical life span. However, many signs may indicate that a replacement is necessary, including curled shingles, significant shingle loss, cracking, and sagging.

When Does an HOA Become Involved?

Because their goal is typically to uphold a certain standard of living in the area they govern, HOAs often can become involved in roof replacement projects. For instance, HOA regulations may be in place that are intended to reduce the impact of a project on your neighbors, maintain a certain appearance quality between homes, and ensure the project itself is performed by professional tradespeople. There may be certain codes that require you to hire a properly qualified and insured roofing contractor (which is a good idea, regardless of if you belong to an HOA or not).

How Do I Get Approval from My HOA?

First, you should review your HOA’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions, which may have information regarding HOA roof replacement approval requirements. For instance, they may stipulate that one type of roof material is approved while another is not. It’s also important to contact the HOA itself. They will have the necessary forms that you need to complete. Opening lines of communication and ensuring you’re in compliance is important here to prevent the HOA from raising complaints or pursuing punitive actions down the line.

Finally, it’s never a bad idea to communicate with your neighbors about your upcoming project. That way, they won’t be surprised when your project begins. Do the same with your roofing contractor so that they’re aware of the HOA’s requirements. For instance, sharing the covenants, conditions, and restrictions is helpful.

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