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How to Spot Trouble in Different Roofing Systems

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San Francisco Roofing Contractors Provide Insight

Keep an eye on the roof of your building to detect issues or potential problems before they become pricey repairs. Schedule annual inspections and maintenance, as needed, to ensure your roof continues to protect your building, property, and belongings- as well as anyone inside. Work with a professional contractor offering commercial roofing repair in Oakland when issues arise.  

Here are some signs of trouble in different types of San Francisco roofing:  

Puddles or pooling of water on a roof is often a sign of a clogged roof drain- and it can cause premature wear and tear on your roof. Many different types of roofs can be plagued with this, though the extent of the damage done may vary. Make sure your roof is draining any excess water within 24 hours to prevent compromising your property.  
Seams may falter and fail on single-ply roofs, due to installation error or age. Inspections help identify this issue so that seams may be reinforced.   
Another issue that can arise with single-ply roof systems is a blistering on the surface, indicative that moisture has leeched beneath the roofing membrane. If the blisters are big-enough, it may require patches and repair to maintain the integrity of the roof.  
If you have a built-up type of roof, you may have to contend with ‘alligatoring.’ This is when your roof constricts and shrinks over time. This can cause cracking that resembles the skin of an alligator- hence, the name. These areas will re-coating, resealing, and possibly replacing parts of the roof membrane.  
These same built-up roofs can develop ridges, usually due to too much heat on the roof’s surface. Eventually, these ridges can tear the roof membrane- requiring replacement.  
Some hybrid roofs can endure many different types of issues, including seams that do not last. Heat and temperature fluctuation may cause stress that contributes to seams that separate or come apart.  
Metal roofing- perhaps the most popular type of commercial roof, is most prone to corrosion which looks like rust to the naked eye. Furthermore, metal roof fasteners can corrode, rust, and fail in their job, causing metal panels to break free from the roof creating a dangerous situation. 

Choose a Qualified Bay Area Roofing Company

Use these tips to detect and identify roof issues before they become problems. Need a roofing inspection, maintenance, or repair? Talk to the team at Ben’s Roofing, a San Francisco roofing company offering commercial and residential service provision. Contact us though our website anytime.

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