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Our Guide to HOA and Multi-Family Roofing

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Common HOA and Apartment Roofing Issues

Do you live in a multi-family dwelling, like an apartment complex? Are you a member of a homeowners’ association, or HOA? If you do, it can make things like repairs and maintenance somewhat tricky. For instance, what do you do about HOA roof repair issues? After all, these are important issues that merit swift response. If you live in a HOA, there are some things to know about roof repairs, costs, and maintenance that you need to be aware of:

Who Pays?

The biggest question when it comes to these situations is usually ‘who pays?’ It really depends on the type of living scenario that you have. Consider the following to determine who is liable for the cost of repairs to your apartment or HOA roof replacement:

Condo Buildings
If you live in a condominium with any shared features that are maintained by the association, they will be responsible for the roof.

Adjoined Townhouses
Usually, if you live in an adjoined townhouse, you- or the homeowner- will be responsible for the cost of the roof. If the roof is shared with another neighbor or homeowner, you may need to coordinate, collaborate, and cooperate to get the job done.

Individual Homes
If you live in a community with homes that are not adjoined, then you will likely be responsible for any roofing repairs or replacement that is needed- just as you would for a private individual home that is not in an association type neighborhood.

Shared Community Buildings
Are there amenities and shared buildings on the property, like a clubhouse or a pool house? If these buildings have roofs that are in disrepair, it is the responsibility of the association that you pay HOA dues to.

Assess Policies

Throughout this process, it is the perfect time to assess and adapt roofing policies for the community. If there is gray area or if you find yourself advocating for yourself during this situation, perhaps the HOA policies are unclear, outdated, or in need of some updating. This could be an issue to bring up at the next tenant or homeowner assembly or meeting.

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