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Why Roof Replacement May Be The Best Option

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The decision to replace a roof is one of the bigger choices a property manager or owner can make, but in many cases, it’s the right call. To help you decide whether or not a roof under your supervision should be replaced, our San Francisco roofing company has created this list of potential benefits of doing so.

You Can Bring Your Roof into Code Compliance

Depending on the jurisdiction in which your building is located, a plethora of rules may govern what is and isn’t acceptable for a roof. For instance, there may be specific insulation requirements, wind-resistance thresholds, and other criteria a roof is expected to meet. Experts can tell you if your roof is lacking in these areas and how a replacement can bring the roof up to acceptable standards.

You Can Take Advantage of Green Roofing Options

A roof replacement project can be an opportunity to embrace green roofing materials. In fact, in some areas, including San Francisco, governing bodies have taken measures to make green building projects more widespread. This may affect many San Francisco commercial roofing projects, for instance, but green requirements shouldn’t be viewed as a burden. Instead, they are a chance to implement roofing materials that are more energy-efficient and are often aesthetically pleasing to boot.

You Can Replace Elements That Just Aren’t Cutting It

Roof systems are complex organisms, involving not only the roof itself but also ancillary components like drainage gutters and insulation. If one or more of these ancillary components consistently runs into problems—as is the case with some old gutters or thinned-out insulation, for instance—a replacement can give you a chance to start fresh and cut down on maintenance costs in the long run. The same goes if your roof consistently leaks or displays another persistent, damaging issue.

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Still not sure whether replacement, repair, or another measure is the right move for your roof? Don’t worry: For advice specific to your situation, just contact Ben’s Roofing, especially if you’re in the Bay Area. From commercial roofing repair in Oakland to residential replacements in San Francisco and everything in between, we have experience with myriad projects.

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